20th July 2016


Dear Mistress Heelena, I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for today’s session! I had such a wonderful time today and I am ever so thankful for it. This was my 3rd session with you and it was just as special as the first two ? Your french pedicured feet looked immaculate in those sexy red heels. To see your feet in person is such a mesmerizing experience for me. You have incredibly beautiful feet and it is an absolute honour to be able to worship them. The session started with a lovely foot massage using some coconut oil. Massaging your feet felt so brilliant! To feel your soft, well taken care of feet in my hands is definitely a huge honour. I really did enjoy massaging them; rubbing the soles of your feet with my palms, running my fingers in between each toe and giving attention to the sides of your feet. I tried to ensure that I did the best I could to massage your feet well. Hopefully you were satisfied with my effort! After the massage, the rest of the session consisted of intense foot worship. To worship your feet is such an exhilarating experience for me. The beauty of your feet definitely inspires me to worship them to the best of my ability. Every single SECOND of the session was valuable to me. Kissing your feet, whether it be the toes, tops, sides, soles or heels is an excellent feeling…one which I struggle to express in words properly. I absolutely LOVE IT when you smother me with your delectable soles. They are ever so smooth and captivating. I also really like inhaling the sweet aroma of your feet, which truly is wonderful. I loved it when you put my head down to worship the gap in between your arches, with both feet together. That was incredible and VERY HOT! I GREATLY enjoyed worshipping your arches, making sure to pay full attention to every inch of them. Licking your feet is ever so lovely. I just adore the way your feet feel on my tongue, the softness of them is just immaculate. I loved paying attention to all parts of your feet with my tongue, making sure not to miss a spot. I must say that your feet taste divine too! That also adds a lot to the experience. I quite liked nibbling on your feet, that also felt great! Sucking on the sides of your feet and heels is an incredible sensation for me. I love savouring every single second of it. It was EXTREMELY AMAZING to suck on your heavenly toes! Whether it be sucking on them individually or having all 5 toes in my mouth at once, it was definitely a fantastic experience. Your feet really do take me to ‘Foot Fetish Heaven’. Like I mentioned earlier, your feet really do inspire me to worship them to the BEST of my ability. It is a great feeling to know that worshipping your feet puts a smile on your face and makes you happy….that makes it very worthwhile to me. I LOVE paying attention to all parts of your feet, from the tops to the soles. There is NO SUCH THING as a dull moment in your sessions! Every single second is extremely valuable to me, and I love treasuring each moment. I can honestly say that your feet take me to a great state of euphoria. They truly are very special to me. I would also like to thank you for being such a wonderful, down to earth and comforting person. You really do help make me feel comfortable in your presence. You make sure that there is some sort of connection between the client, which I respect so much. Your warm and caring personality really does make our sessions that much more special. Thank you ever so much for another memorable session. I can’t wait to see you again!! V

Hi Mistress, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed today’s session. It was a real challenge worshipping two pairs of feet at the same time but I certainly had a good time attempting to do so! Having the legs and feet of two beautiful women all over me was a new experience, and was very sensual and incredibly erotic. It must have been good – the time went very quickly and I had a big smile on my face all the way home! Say thanks to your sister – she wasn’t anywhere as scary as I thought she might be, but then, as ever, you looked after me very well! Alistair

Dear Mistress Heelena, just to say thank you for a very memorable afternoon and a wonderful session. It has been very liberating for me and I hope I was able to please you… Sorry, if I got a bit too excited at times. All the best and best of luck with your degree! J

Dear Mistress, I will never get tired of caressing your beautiful feet, massaging them and putting them in my mouth. Today was another memorable day that will linger on in my heart till our next encounter, which will likely be soon! You indeed make me feel complete and at peace in your presense, I was born to love your feet and serve them. You are simply the best mistress the world has ever seen, no one can be like you, I love you sooooooooooo much, you have made my dreams come true….many many thanks! Slave I (N6)

It was always my dream to meet a nice looking lady with sexy feet and also a very attractive personality. Due to several previous encounters, I started to lose hope that this might ever be possible until I met Heelena. She is much more than what any foot lover might dream about. Beside my excitement about how sexy and nice looking her feet are, she is a very friendly person who you will lose the sense of time and location with. She has the sexiest looking feet and legs I have ever seen. Her feet are extremely soft, slender and tasty. I will never forget their taste. I have actually had several experiences with other feet mistresses before I met Heelena. They always treat you in an official manner. They are so strict and pay so much attention to time. Heelena is something totally different. She cares so much that the visitor/partner enjoys each second of the session from both a physical and emotional perspective. It would take me hours of writing to describe how intresting Heelena is and how unique her sessions are.In a one week business trip, I met her five times and I never got bored. I have canceled all plans to meet any other mistresses when I first saw her. Guys, this is a very special lady. Please treat her well and don’t ever miss the opportunity of meeting her.. P.S. I really envy London foot fetishists because they have the ability to see her so often. This is one hell of an advantage which I really need to have. Really Love you so much Heelena ? from a foot fetishist H from Cairo

Mistress Heelena is an amazing woman! Not only is she stunning with beautiful legs and feet, she is intelligent, articulate and absolutely charming. If you think she looks incredible in her pictures, you should see her in person – she is even more gorgeous and I just love her sexy accent. This was my first ever session and I was very nervous when I first arrived, but she immediately put me at ease and talked to me as if she had known me for years. As soon as I had settled myself down, she took control of the session and it was fantastic. I emailed her beforehand to let her know my requirements and she knew exactly what to do. The time with her flew by far too quickly, so I can’t wait to go back again, and my advice to anyone thinking about making a booking is do it now before she is not as available later in the year. Believe me, you won’t regret it! Just follow all the instructions on the website carefully and don’t mess her about. She is very caring and patient and will really look after you if you are polite and treat her with respect. Thank you Steven (2009)

Today, I had a session with Mistress Heelena and Mistress Arella. It was my first visit to pro mistresses, I was nervous and very embarrassed to talk with them about my fetishes. This is my review, initially, I wanted to have a session with mistress Heelena, she’s sharing all my fantasies and she’s a very nice looking girl! Trying to get familiar with her website and trying to make up my mind about the services that I was about to request, I saw on the same website that a session with another mistress was possible. I then decided that if I’m shy, embarrassed and nervous about meeting one Mistress, it can’t really be worst with 2! And as I wanted this session to be memorable, I asked for the full package, 2 mistresses torturing me for one hour ? I sent them an email stating that I would love to meet them and with almost 2 pages of explanations of what my fetishes are and what turns me on, to summarize, I love Facesitting, trampling and nipple torture. I have to say that except some self installed nipple clamps, I had no experience on all those activities but I was really looking forward to learn and extend my limits!I got an answer a few minutes later saying that YES, they were available, we then decided to fix a session today at 5pm. During all the trip from my hotel to their dungeon (1h30), I was thinking about how will the session look like, are they going to be strict with me, have they read my two pages scenario, will they stick to it or will the session be conducted by them at their will and maybe not respecting what my fetishes are. I finally arrived, very nervous and when mistress Arella opened the door, I was just breathless, I was ready to experience my dreams, she was dressed in a PVC suit with high Heels shoes and she is young and beautiful! I was offered a glass of water and a glass of Champagne, we then moved to a small dungeon room, nicely equipped with a lot of different equipment, I was looking at all of them and in my mind I hopped that they will try all of them on me! Mistress ToeTease joined us at this time, she’s as well very very beautiful, nicely dressed and she was wearing High Heels. They started by telling me that I should not be nervous, this is my first session and that they would guide me through the session, I was very impressed because they have read my 2 pages scenario and it looked like they didn’t forgot a single line, they mentioned my intention to get trample barefoot, with heels, to have some facesitting, to be tied up and to try some nipple torture. I was then asked to lie down on my back and the session started! I just had time to realize that I was laying on my back and both mistresses were standing barefeet on my chest, they were trampling me softly all over my body, they walked on my face, my legs, stomach, etc J It was just perfect, then Mistress Arella sat on my face while mistress ToeTease sat on my stomach, the feeling to have these 2 wonderful mistresses sitting on me at the same time and talking about what kind of nipple torture they should apply to me was wonderful, I could have stay in this position for hours! Mistress Arella picked some nipple clamps and she put them on, it was quite a sensation but knowing that the pain was given by these 2 mistresses changed the pain to pleasure a few seconds later. Mistress ToeTease even sat fullweight on the nipple clamps, They were putting, removing their shoes to trample me everywhere, I was in heaven. I could write 15 pages about this experience, I had the mistresses standing, sitting, walking all over me for an hour, I had their feet on my face, 4 beautiful feet were covering my face, I’ve been asked to lick their feet, to lick their toes, they were very friendly and I really enjoyed sharing this time with them. If you want to spend a good time with 2 gorgeous young mistresses, don’t look somewhere else, you will get what you pay for! I sometime read on forums that some mistresses are pushy and that they answer their phone, reply to sms during the session, this was NOT the case with them, they were 100% into the session and when the session was over, I had the chance to talk with them for a good 20 minutes about my fetishes and other activities that we could train together on another session. I’m back in my room, having some red marks on my chest and I’m the most happy man in London tonight, I had the chance to see two mistresses and to make my dreams come true. Thank you mistress ToeTease and Thank you mistress Arella for the session you gave me today, I will keep it in memory for the rest of my life and I really hope to see you soon again together for another session with maybe some other activities. Under you, J-P from Geneva (2009)

Some cynical people may think you always put me up to write my thank you’s, they are so far from the truth! I am appreciative because I delight in pleasing you. My insight last week stuck a cord in me and I questioned myself if I have truly been submissive, so I came today to release my entire being to you, I wanted you to dominate and even abuse me as long as you are pleased and satisfied. But you showed me why there is really no comparing any mistress to you, you showed me that you are who you really say you are, you gently refused to get me into activities you know I may not enjoy, like a mother who cares for her slaves you said it is not only about you but also about your slaves…I am so grateful for that, my pledge is and will always be, anything for the most beautiful and lovely mistress in the world. I am living in a dream, and I don’t ever want to wake up.

I had come across Domina Heelena’s site over a year ago on one of my many business trips to London. I was looking for a foot fetish session and browsed many dominas online but Mistress Heelena’s feet caught my eyes. I initially contacted her but as this was my first time ever booking a session with a domina I chickened out wasting her time. Over the course of the year I followed her on Twitter and accompanied her adventures while being amazed by her cultured lifestyle and intelligence as well as obviously watching her feet. On my last visit to London I finally decided to worship her in a session so I contacted her again. Upon realizing that I had already wasted her time, Mistress Heelena asked that I pay her a tribute. This was very fair and I was honored that she allowed me to book even after having wasted her time. On the night of the session I went to her very nice and well located flat where she was waiting for me. She asked me some questions about the session, my fetishes and myself which was good to put me at ease. I was soon being ordered to strip naked and kneel on the floor to kiss her feet. During the session she wore different heels and boots allowing me to worship and kiss her feet in different ways. I thoroughly enjoyed having my head trapped between her legs and even having my cock crushed under her heels which was something I had my concerns over but enjoyed a lot . She even catered my cuckold fetish and had me suck on her big black strapon which was highly arousing for me. In the end I masturbated (with her permission) over her beautiful feet and came immensely as I rarely do. Mistress Heelena is a very inteligent and experienced Domina and will definitely leave you wanting to come back as soon as possible! For a first time she has really set the bar high and I don’t think I will be with other Dominas before returning to her. M, Portugal

Group humiliation I have been seeing Domina Heelena for about 2 years now and I decided to sponsor her trip to Oslo so I could see her in my own country. Domina Heelena is eager to travel to your country as long as you cover her travel expenses. We had a 3 hour session in the evening filled with all kinds of activities. We chatted for a few minutes before the fun started. Mistress had requested me to bring 2 pairs of her shoes that I had bought from her in our first session so we could play with them. I just love worshiping boots worn by beautiful stunning women like Heelena. She looked amazing in tight black leggings that I had also bought for her, and the moment her beautiful ass touched my face I knew this was going to be one of the best evenings in my life. For the rest of the session I was allowed to worship her shoes and smell her socks while she had great fun mocking and spitting on my face. Heelena fulfilled every fantasy I had described in my email to her, like she has always done for me. Seeing my mistress in my own country was a new and different experience for me, creating a different atmosphere. Only a few days after our last session I had a double session with Domina Heelena and Modern Empress in London and they were “nice” enough to invite 3 of their friends to watch and partake in my humiliation. The first hour it was just the three of us, I worshipped the mistresses’ shoes and boots while they humiliated me with talking about all the hunks that were giving them sexual pleasure, something I will never be to since I am still a shy virgin who will never be able to have sex with a woman. A fact that is a great source of laughter and amusement for my two owners. This continued for about 45 minutes before the first of their friends arrived, and soon after the last 2 were sitting on the couch looking at me in disgust. To be honest I can remember every detail of what happened next – being forced to drink Modern Empress’ piss, sucking a strap-on while getting a prostate “message” and generally treated like the dog I am. The session ended with Domina Heelena, Modern Empress and one of their friends spitting on me while I was on the floor jerking like crazy and making a fool of myself until I came and was forced to eat my load. That was the first time I climaxed in front of a woman. Learning this was a great joy to the three ladies who laughed and high fived each other while they sent me to take a shower to clean off all the spit. I walked away from the session with a smile on my face and felt all giddy while riding the tube back to my hotel. Too bad I can’t do this more often! Slave T, Norway