19th July 2016


Gifting ideas for Mistress Heelena

All gifts chosen from the list below are appreciated, however, gift cards or vouchers are best. No need to use your initiative, just inspire yourself below.

It seems very popular to bring chocolates, perfume, wine or champagne, however, I do NOT indulge in any of these. Please do not bring anything I don’t approve of. Plants are ALWAYS appreciated.

Best Gift Deposit/Monetary Gift

My birthday is in January (Aquarius) Send a deposit/monetary gift by clicking the Gift Button.

Other Gifting Options



Organic Cosmetics

Organic Pharmacy

Dr. Hauschka

Gift list

John Lewis (enter code 664681; no password required




The Collection


I’d love to own…

Obsession Art




Coco de Mer



I am concerned about victims of sex trafficking and value all donations to:

Helen Bamber Foundation