French Ministers cum under Mistress Heelena’s scrutiny

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government is in disarray yet again.  Following the recent scandal involving junior minister, Georges Tron, in a ‘reflexology’ session that went too far, we have heard that yet another French minister, with a foot fetish, has been forced to resign after a foot massage evolved into a groping session.

Another sex scandal couldn’t have come at a worse time for the French premier with a presidential election coming up next year.  Fearing for his own political future, we understand that Mr. Sarkozy has now asked Mistress Heelena to advise him personally with the selection of future ministers and to help weed out sexual predators, deviants and perverts from office.  This follows Mistress Heelena’s recent appointment by the U.S. Justice Department in the wake of the DSK case.

We also hear that it is proposed that all current male members of Mr. Sarkozy’s cabinet and any prospective male candidates will, in future, have to undertake a personal risk assessment, one by one, with Mistress Heelena to determine if they need therapy and to eliminate their risk to women.
Mr. Sarkozy admits that he has made serious errors with some of his ministerial selections in the past and hopes that Mistress Heelena’s input will help to ‘clean up’ his cabinet.

As usual, Mistress Heelena was unavailable for comment but a spokesperson read the following prepared statement on her behalf.

Sexual harassment by men is not taken seriously in France.  President Sarkozy is determined to eliminate these disgraceful attitudes from his government, at least, and sincerely hopes that Mistress Heelena’s appointment will help with the transformations.

Mistress Heelena’s risk assessments and, subsequently, her own brand of therapy sessions will certainly root out the so-called ‘lady killers’ and rehabilitate any potential future offenders.”

dpsS news agency
Our advice to these French politicians and anyone else, of similar persuasion is to stick with the professionals, with whom discretion is assured and where you will receive a ‘premier’ foot worshipping experience, during which time you can indulge your foot fantasies with impunity!

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