Sunday Telegraph Interview

I have provided an interview which was  published in Stella magazine, the Sunday Telegraph on 13/12/09. Below is the original interview. I find the online/ paper version slightly distorted. What exactly does being a dominatrix entail? Being open-minded and adventurous enough to fulfill various fantasies while remaining non judgmental. It also involves various (ad hoc)[…]

French Ministers cum under Mistress Heelena’s scrutiny

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government is in disarray yet again.  Following the recent scandal involving junior minister, Georges Tron, in a ‘reflexology’ session that went too far, we have heard that yet another French minister, with a foot fetish, has been forced to resign after a foot massage evolved into a groping session. Another sex scandal couldn’t have come at a worse[…]

Mistress Heelena in Paris

The French capital has seen an unusual increase in number of visitors last week, the peak was during the weekend when flights and trains tickets were all sold out… MH and slave near the Seine…. Allegedly, the reason was the heat wave that was hitting most of the European cities…another possibility would be  Mariah Carey[…]

Near collision of a taxi and a horse carriage near Buckingham Palace

Mistress Heelena was at it again, as one of her public stunts with a so-called ‘slave’ caused a commotion in central London. In full view of the public, in St. James’s Park, and immediately outside Buckingham Palace, Mistress Heelena proceeded to use her slave as a footstool and was teasing him with her beautiful feet. […]

Killer Heels

What an exciting afternoon….. my shoe slave didn’t quite know how to handle his naughty Mistress on the way to and from Selfridges, too embarrassed to show any excitement in the presence of the cab driver… Mistress was treated to two beautiful pairs of heels and slave was allowed to worship them later on…. The exciting afternoon[…]

business trips need not be boring if you take me with… or serve me while in London

What a week this has been! I cherish the time being pampered by my mysterious,  generous and attentive Middle Eastern slave KJ in his London hotel after so many months of waiting. I was blown away yet again, my expectations exceeded on so many levels. I appreciate your gifts enourmously. My feet are missing you[…]

Public Sessions – Cinema

Mistress Heelena takes pleasure in publicly humiliating and teasing her slaves. Yesterday, she met one of her most passionate slaves, Steven, in a rather empty Cinema on King’s road. She rested her feet on his face as he lay down on the floor while she was watching a rather boring movie. Half way through, she[…]

Open Letter to DSK

Dear Mr. Strauss-Kahn, I am writing to you regarding your ‘alleged’ sexual assault of a chamber maid in your New York hotel suite.  As you are well aware, the appalling list of charges against you includes, amongst other things, attempted rape in the first degree, oral sexual conduct by forcible compulsion and unlawful imprisonment. Despite[…]

MH treats a patient with chronic erectile dysfunction

According to latest reports, Mistress Heelena has ventured into the field of alternative treatments. Apparently, a local GP referred a patient suffering with chronic erectile dysfunction to a qualified psychotherapist who happens to be a friend of Mistress Heelena’s. Having made little progress with the patient’s problem, despite long and extensive psychoanalysis, the therapist, who[…]